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Yes, our company will always provide you with a contract or order form. These documents must be signed by the client and will provide all event information, terms, policies etc….

These forms protect us and our clients. Unfortunately our services are a bit different than going to any grocery store or restaurant and receiving a standard receipt.

Many clients ask us this question and our reply is very simple. We have had a proven track record of successful events in the communities we service since 2006. Our name is well established and known by hundreds of businesses, entertainers, professional organizations, schools, colleges, etc. We also have provided entertainment for politicians, and have many testimonials from clients available. Our company is also involved with community events, fundraisers and our president and founder has a clean background. Our ethics always come first, money is never our top priority.

Yes, technically the first page of your contract or order form acts as your invoice. However some organizations need a 1 page invoice separate from our forms. We can certainly type up an invoice for payment. Just let us know. We also have NO problem filling out a W9 for tax purposes.

Some instances and some DJs allow this. Not always is this allowed, We have to ensure the music coming from our speaker is quality sounding. Plus we can’t guarantee that your device doesn’t have a virus on it and can corrupt our laptops.

Yes, certainly. We take play lists in advance but do not guarantee certain songs get played due to time, content or availability. EDITED music is our top priority. Our bride and groom, guest of honor, and client comes first. Their requests come first. We will not trust the maid of honor telling us the bride said it was OK to play a certain song. We would get approval first from the bride for example, before playing the song.

Our DJs get their music from legal sources for professionals. We pay thousands of dollars a year in subscriptions, per song, discs etc. We strive to have all sorts of music but can’t guarantee 100,000 songs, videos, karaoke tracks etc. Some content may not even be released by the publishing companies. This is the case with karaoke most of the time.

YouTube is a NO NO…. it is illegal to play songs from YouTube while performing as a paid DJ.

Venues, restaurants, businesses etc… are required to pay all ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC fees.

NO, unfortunately we are not licensed to duplicate, or sell playlists.

Yes, however this is limited to public events, fundraisers, bridal shows and trade shows and of course being a guest at an event. Sometimes we can get approval from the client of a private event for a potential client to visit. However this is not always guaranteed.

Yes, you can request a specific entertainer but it’s first come first serve.

Yes, events over $1,000 can enjoy a 3 month payment plan prior to their event date.
Events over $2,000 enjoy a 6 month payment plan. We do not accept payments after an event date.
Yes, school dance pricing is listed on our website. Special deals are ran throughout the year. Inquire today on what type of discount we can give you.

Yes, we can meet at some events, bridal shows, trade shows and community events. Reserving a meeting must be at a convenient location close to Easton, PA or nearby an event we may be working on a specific day. A $25 meeting fee is REQUIRED to reserve 1 hr of time with Stevie Blatz. This must be made via credit card using Square over the phone. It is refundable once we arrive at the meeting and the potential client shows up. Unfortunately in the past clients have failed to show up or cancel a meeting entirely. Our President’s time is valuable and driving sometimes 30 mins to a meeting and blocking out 1hr of meeting time then driving back turns out to be 2hrs of wasted time if the client doesn’t show up. Plus cost of gas, vehicle wear and tear etc. This time is taken from assisting other clients.

We have a list of approved venues on this FAQS page. We have performed there or are familiar with the layout, staff, policies and loading/unloading at that venue. Once a client books with us, Yes, we can visit a venue ONLY if time permits. Venue walk throughs must be scheduled 2–3 months in advance.
Attending a rehearsal dinner requires a $100 fee and must be booked within 1 week of the dinner. We can’t guarantee availability if we are booked to work another event. A $200 fee is required to guarantee our availability in advance. This blocks out the time frame of the rehearsal dinner and we wont take on any bookings during that time.

Skype, OOVOO or Face Time are all virtual video conference programs that are FREE online.

Yes, we have specific entertainers that are trained to work with guests of any ages with disabilities.

Yes, please discuss details with us in advance to plan the perfect show.

stevePresident and Founder
Stephen T Blatz

Our Company Founder and President became a DJ at age 15 at Bethlehem Skateaway Roller Rink in August 2006. Shortly after in Oct 2008 Stevie started Green Light Productions. Within just a few years, Mr. Blatz, changed names to DJ Stevie Entertainment and soon expanded the company. Finally, he settled on Stevie Blatz Entertainment LLC. Stephen became a high school drop out in 11th grade and attended Northampton Community College to study marketing/advertising, business and human resources.

Stevie Blatz has studied very hard and has accomplished many tasks as a young entrepreneur. Performing more than 20 services and competing 2 years in a row as DJ Times Magazine’s DJ Expo Atlantic City “DJ of the Year” competition where he was the youngest finalist out of 12.

Mr. Blatz has been severely bullied throughout his life and has worked through many health issues. As a Catholic business owner, Stevie strives to put God first, his community second, and business third. Stephen has many hobbies and loves movies, dancing, eating, and exploring the many hobbies, and sports that are out there. Roller skating, badminton, and sleeping are all huge favorites when Stevie is not rocking out a party.

fran1Office/Marketing Assistant, General Event Help, Operations Manager

Fran B,

Fran is Stevie’s mother and assists him in Office/Marketing and Operations. Handling tax, insurance, and accounting responsibilities. Fran is on top of it. Working as a photo booth attendant, or a sand art tent, she has seen various services in action since Stevie started the company in Oct 2006. Fran jokes about signing the DJ employment application for Stevie to work at a roller rink in Aug 2006 because Stevie was only 16. fran2She jokes because Stevie has spent a TON of money and time building this company, but from time to time Fran has seen the positive reasons why Stevie does what he does. As a former nurse and long time restaurant hostess, Fran understands people. She is a valued asset in many ways and has stuck by her son through thick and thin.

Marketing Assistants, Promotional Talent

Marie and Tom L.


Truly a family entertainment company, our President believes in hiring his family and friends. Marie and Tom L are Stevie’s grandparents. Marie and Tom are in their late 80s and 90s and are still going strong as experienced marketing and promotional talent professionals. Friend warm personalities and passion for helping others, these grandparents are loved by many. Marie and Tom have decades of experience in retail,, business management and grocery store product demonstrations.

Father-Daughter Dances
=Butterfly Kisses—Bob Carlisle
=Daddy’s little girl—Al Martino
=Ready, Set, Don’t go—Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus
=My Girl—Temptations
=The way you look tonight—Frank Sinatra
=Daughters—John Mayer
=A song for my daughter—Mikki Viereck
=My special angel—Bobby Helms

Mother-Son Dances
=The Perfect Fan—Backstreet Boys
=Wind Beneath my wings—Bette Midler
=Through the years—Kenny Rogers
=A song for mama–Boyz 2 Men
=A song for my son—Mikki Viereck
=What a wonderful world–Louis Armstrong
=Because you loved me—Celine Dion
=I am your child—Barry Manilow
=Could I have this dance—Anne Murray
=Beautiful in my eyes—Joshua Kadison

Wedding Party Songs
=That’s what friends are for—Dionne Warwick
=I’ll be there for you (friends theme)–The rembrandts
=Thank you for being a friend (golden girls theme)–Andrew Gold
=We are family—Sister Sledge
=Thank You—Dido
=You’ve got a friend in me—(toy story song)—-Randy Newman
=Let’s stay together—Al green

First Dance Songs

=All of me—John Legend
=Thinking Out Loud—Ed Sheeran
=At Last—Etta James
=I swear—all 4 one
=I do (cherish you)—98 degrees
=I do it for you—Bryan Adams
=I’ll be–Edwin McCain
=Here and Now—Luther Vandross
=I cross my heart—George Strait

For an additional fee based on how much work is involved, our staff can setup tables, chairs, decor, centerpieces etc…
Clients are asked to clean up as much as they can from all flatware, tablecloths, concession machines, plates etc…before returning to our company. They do not have to steam clean or deep clean the items. Our Rental team ensures each item is in top shape, clean, wrinkle free and looking brand new for the next event. If items are worn out or not in great condition, we will purchase new products.

Some items are available for in person meetings. If something is not in stock or custom, we can’t guarantee viewing these items in person before your event.

Contact us, we will send you a photo of the color you are looking for. Our website is constantly being updated.

Proudly Serving the LGBT Communityunknown



We steam our chair covers and tablecloths before each event to reduce wrinkles.